One day last week I saw hundreds of birds in the field across the street. Within seconds, they moved in unison like a school of fish, flying up and over to a new destination. I watched in amazement.

For days I studied the pictures I took fascinated by the synchronization. Each bird knew when to leave, at what precise moment to leave, and then took off. Being in sync meant they clearly picked up their cue from the next one. It happened so fast, it looked magical.

I thought about how life works following God. When I wait in stillness for His direction, I want to know His cue so clearly that when He says “now,” I take off in synch—not too soon and not too late. Just right on cue!

We each travel our own journey in following God, so we can’t take our cue from the person next to us. But I do believe God stirs up movements – within us, around us, and to propel us to go toward … sometimes to a new destination. We just need to join Him in what He’s doing.

Sometimes moves of God aren’t so abrupt like the hundreds of birds I saw last week. At times moves of God are a building, growing process—step by step. God works in many different ways. Whichever way He chooses, we need to strive to know—truly know—that nudge, guidance, and peace when God says, “Do this now.”

That means we have to be actively listening … watching … waiting.

It makes for a different focus each day, don’t you think?