A bit about me …

Karla KassebaumI’m a wife and mother who is a bit klutzy, a determined go-getter, and love to have fun. My husband is my best friend and greatest supporter. Our daughter is a wonderful blessing, absolute joy, and ball of energy all wrapped up together. I firmly believe that family is the foundation from which we learn, live, and grow. So our daughter is also a bit klutzy, determined, and has her dad’s quirky sense of humor. We love to have a great time!

Karla Kassebaum

I’m a storyteller with a flair for the dramatic and my theatre background only further emphasized my flamboyance. I love looking at life and finding the humor in every day experiences. With a teenager and an overzealous Labradoodle that both love attention, that isn’t too hard to find in our house.

I started writing at a very young age with keeping a journal. Mounds of notebooks and years of thoughts and feelings filled countless pages. Then writing became my therapeutic escape to form feelings into poetry. My professional writing started out drafting legal documents, then moved on to writing web copy, and training scripts. Then I erased everything I ever learned about writing so I could move past the endless passive voice and formal jargon.

Karla KassebaumI combine my writing and theater experience to bring truth to life in humorous and touching dramas and skits. I also write articles, devotionals, and am in the process of working on a nonfiction book.

If I’m not reading or writing, you can find me outdoors hiking, biking, or spending time with my family. I’m all about kicking back, having a blast, and learning a few things along the way. Life is a journey!