Waiting  …  it’s an interesting thing. Normally viewed as a drudgery, it usually doesn’t hit a Top 10 list anywhere. Instead we’re usually anxious for the next thing.


When my daughter was an infant, I couldn’t wait for her to talk. Most youth can’t wait until they get their driver’s license. High school students can’t wait until they graduate. We can’t stand waiting in long lines.


Waiting just means postponing what we really wish was already here. So what’s the problem? There is a whole lot of life and growth to be discovered IN the waiting.


I’m not a naturally patient person. I’m a mover and a shaker, go-getter, my mind goes faster than my mouth, and my feet faster than my mind. I’m always looking ahead to what’s next and even begin planning vacations nearly a year in advance. But over the course of the last year and a half, God has been teaching me a lot about waiting. For someone with my personality, staying in park for a while is rather trying.


I’ve gone in waves of accepting and thriving in the wait, then other bouts where I’m highly aware of being in park. But here are three valuable truths I’ve learned that I wouldn’t have grasped any other way:


1. Faith isn’t faith until it’s exercised. Faith isn’t a reality in the safety and comfort of life. Faith is stepping out trusting God when you have no clue what’s ahead and continuing to trust and believe He’s at work in times of silence.


2. Waiting isn’t a punishment. I feel incredibly blessed by what my family and I have learned through these periods of waiting. It’s made us stronger individually and an even stronger family. Often the biggest growth comes in times of waiting.


3. God goes before us to pave the way. Anyone can make things happen, but when we are letting God lead, He prepares the way, removes the obstacles, and moves us forward when His timing is perfect. The value of waiting on God far exceeds what we could have rummaged up ourselves.


So whether it’s waiting for school to start up in the fall, waiting for an answer to prayer, or waiting for your child to gain victory over a difficulty, don’t move ahead of God and pass up what He has in store as you wait!


Last week, I went into the backyard to water my potted plants hanging on a Shepherd’s hook. As I watered the right side plant, the weight of the water tilted the hook in that direction. When I watered the left side plant, the weight shifted to that side. I went back and forth like I normally do watering one side then the other to keep the weight even.

But something happened that hadn’t happened before, the steel hook started bending forward and wasn’t coming back up. Clearly there was a weak spot at the bottom of the  hook and suddenly the weight of the water bent the hook all the way over and the plants plummeted to the ground. I tried to lift the hook back up and straighten it, but it was too late– the steel hook was too weak and couldn’t hold the weight any longer.

At the time, I just made a mental note that we needed to get another hook sometime this week … that was until I read a scripture verse yesterday morning.

Psalm 145:14 “The Lord helps the fallen and lifts those bent beneath their loads.”

I immediately thought of the weak spot in my steel Shepherd’s hook and what a picture that is of life sometimes. The weight of burdens, circumstances, or demands bends us over as we try to shift the demands from side to side to keep them balanced thinking we’re made of steel and can handle it all. But before long, our shoulders ache, our strength is zapped, and we’re slammed to the ground unable to lift ourselves back up again.

Ever been there?

What a blessing to know that God is the only one to “straighten” us when we’re bent beneath the loads we’re carrying. What a blessing to know when we cry “God, help!!” He restores us to the place He’s designed for us to be and stand.

Whatever drama, chaos, or busyness your day brings, rest today knowing that He will lift you up!


Well I’ve passed a milestone as a parent and survived. Which milestone? Giving our daughter her first driving lesson.

As I sat in the back seat and watched her adjust the seat up higher and forward, I couldn’t believe fifteen years passed so quickly. She put her hand out for the keys and my husband hesitated and chuckled. Clearly a moment he knew would come sooner than he’d be ready. Now was that time. Surreal.

I took a few short videos of the lesson. We’ve already re-watched them a few times and laughed at the comical parts.

I’ve always said parenting is a journey. Well, we’re hanging on for the ride — it just looks a bit different now.