There are some days I feel like I wear so many hats that my neck hurts from the weight. I’m pulled in a variety of directions, racing to catch up, remembering what I forgot, following up, making a list on a new list because I can’t find the last couple lists I started, and undoubtedly the phone rings at the most inopportune times. It seems that suddenly dinnertime arrives and I realize I haven’t even thought about what we’ll eat.

Ever had those days … or weeks?

Well, I’ve been in that mode for nearly two weeks now. Granted, it’s situational and so I know it won’t last, but I look forward to the less chaotic days up ahead.

How do we keep our wits about us when we experience these seasons, regardless of how brief they may be? Sometimes it requires we do the opposite. Stop to …

  1. Laugh. It’s a sure way to get your mind off the demands and lighten the load. Look for the humor in situations or read your favorite comics. Just don’t forget to laugh.
  2. Breath. Heavy sighing, diaphragmatic breathing, whatever you want to call it — do lots of it. When we’re stressed, our breathing becomes shallow. So remember to breath. (It comes with a few health benefits too.)
  3. Relax. Whether it comes from 60-second mental vacations during the day or a 30-minute mindless TV show before you go to bed, just make sure to relax and give your brain a break.

Not sure about you, but it’s time for an exotic tropical island vacation. I’ll be back in a few minutes …

Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day

is the rest we take between two deep breaths.  ~Etty Hillesum