Continuing with my Top 10 List of “What I’ve Learned Homeschooling” my 16-year old daughter the past three years, we pick up with #6:

#6. My daily quiet time before school began was crucial in keeping me fueled and grounded for the day. Prior to homeschooling, I had the privacy and quietness of our home for nice long quiet times after my daughter left for school and hubby went to work. When I began homeschooling, solitude obviously went by the wayside. It took some adjustment, but I forced myself to get up early, even though I’m not a morning person, to get my quiet time done before she awoke. If I didn’t, it showed up in how I handled and managed the day of teaching in addition to everything else. I learned even more how desperately I needed God’s grounding every day!

#5. God truly does help me accomplish what I didn’t think I could. I went into homeschooling with little preconceived expectations and found out quickly the massive undertaking ahead of me. As high school hit, the responsibility increased. I never wanted to be a hindrance to her education holding her back from achieving her long-term goals. The weight of that responsibility overwhelmed me. Many days I cried out to God feeling incredibly inadequate as a teacher. Continually, God came through! At times He gave me just the right words to say to explain a problem, other times He directed me to a resource that could help or led me to a person who could direct me further, and all the time I felt His strength carrying me along as He and I accomplished each day together!

#4. I learned further what truly mattered. The dynamic of my daily routine turned upside down. Freelance writer mom became principal and teacher mom. Interruptions replaced inspiration. Teaching replaced tranquility. School preparation replaced planned writing. I had to re-evaluate my priorities. I’m a mom first. Although hard to accept, God desired me to set aside things I was passionate about for a season, to be available for this journey with my daughter that carried far more importance!

Stay tuned …