What a year it has been – I can barely take it all in. It started with a complete upheaval of our lives from top to bottom, leaving all we knew to venture to the unknown 2,000 miles away. Such is how God’s ways are – so we can have the wonderful opportunity to lean on Him and trust Him fully.

After having lived on the East coast for 9 months now, I can say it truly feels like home on every level and we are blown away by God’s orchestration of the details in our lives. Yet this move of God that started nearly three years ago isn’t over but only continuing.

Life with God calling the shots isn’t a destination but a life-long journey. Along the way He calls us to make difficult decisions, take large leaps, step out in faith, let go, and receive – all in confidence knowing our trust is in Him not our human efforts.

The stripping away process is always difficult, but God designs such a route so He can lay a foundation founded in Him alone. It is only for a season as then comes the time of harvest of what we’ve sowed.

The adding to our lives we have see God do this year is monumental and makes it all worthwhile! This spurs me on to continue the race God has set before me and finish well. Whether that’s in my role as a parent, a wife, or as a woman striving to live out God’s purposes ordained for me—I’m excited to continue on God’s path and see what He further adds to our lives in 2013.

May today be a day of reflection of what unfolded this year as well as an excitement and anticipation of living out God’s plan in the year to come!